It’s the New Year, with a ground full of melting snow, turning to a shield of ice in the freezing night where I live. All beneath a bursting full moon, I decided to highlight a few albums coming out next year. It’s a small list, but if you think something else should be up, just send me an email… I’ll be putting up more later on.

Black Mist- Midnight Christian Slaying
Expected sometime 2010 Now here’s a band that’s captured the garage sound yet has still managed to sound serious; unlike some bands who sound like they recorded in a basement flooded with the neighborhood’s sewage. Black candles, dark castles and goats, Black Mist almost tries to hard to color in between the lines, but does paint a damn good picture. 

Craft- TBA  
Expected sometime 2010
There are some bands that get name dropped like bird poop falls from the sky. Usually, they’re 90’s black metal bands that newbies use for +1’s across the World Wide Web. Now while some may have thought them dead or simply forgotten about ‘em, Swedish black metal flames Craft, are back to fuck the world in 2010! So, hold on tight to your souls! 

Disfigured Dead- Visions of Death  
Expected sometime January
While brutality and gore may be trendy nowadays, it doesn’t mean it can’t still keep its crown as king of the old school underground! No tight pants and hair-flips here, just pure unadulterated disease-spreadin’ death metal! Disfigured Dead are here to remind us that death metal has always been tough and is getting tougher. 

Nominon- Monumentomb  
Expected sometime February  
Is there anything more to life than breaking apart your room to old school Swedish death metal? Nominon sound as if fellow-countrymen Bloodbath have been murdered and resurrected as zombies, playing a thrashy, death metal monument to the old. Perhaps that’s why their new album’s called “Monumentomb.” They released an MCD called “Omen” last month. Get it now!  

Profanatica- The Grand Master’s Session  
Expected sometime January 
Profanatica’s a band that knows how to take it to the edge with enough blasphemy and sickness to shoot acid into the eyes of innocent bystanders yet, make their fans laugh until they fart. Underground, yet not underground they’ll be perfect for all denizens of the black! Be sure to pick it up from Hell’s Headbangers!

Sperm of Antichrist- Blight and Darkness
Expected sometime January 
For tape-a-holics, here’s some soul-squeezing black metal! Underground, dingy black metal with professional packaging for the absolute best experience, another from HHR, it’s sure to please.  

Triptykon- Eparistera Daimones 
Expected March 23rd 
Despite being fronted by Tom G. Warrior of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost fame, Triptykon remains a pretty underground name. A blending of “Monolith” and Celtic Frost’s “older stuff,” it’s an experimental mash-up of crazed black metal that sounds completely otherworldly. Sticking with a tired, but apt phrase, this is the new black.

Valkyrja- Contamination 
Expected on January 15th 
Valkyjra plays lightning fast black metal with devilishly hoarse vocals set to painfully addicting music. When the songs slow down, it becomes a cultish death-march with wonderful atmosphere. I mean, being from Sweden, of course they kick ass, right? 

Watain- TBA 
Expected in 2010 Now here’s an album that’s not only on every Satan-worshipping black metaller’s drool-covered list, but one that’s probably getting a helluva lot of altars being made to welcome it into the world like the coming of the Antichrist. Waiting to place it at the
 center of their Luciferian table of darkness, complete with black candles and obscure books on witchcraft, your black flame shall burn its brightest this year! 

Wintersun- Time
Expected December 31st
What a tease those Fins are. With almost as big a stockpile as “Chinese Democracy,” I think it’s safe to say that the Wintersun fireworks will be 1,000,000X bigger and better than that self-indulgent Guns N’ Roses release. The title “Time” was prophetic because boy, does that title sum up the album more than any journalist could. They’ve been stalling release dates and cancelling shows, so “Time” better be worth it, or else the end of the world may come a couple of years early.     

These bands fuck with your mind in such a way that’s sure to become a new type of fetish. Patience children…