Antichristian Metal Interview:

Let's start out with some history. When did Anti-Christian Metal (ACM) begin?

ACM actually started out as an idea many years ago. In 2007 and I created a Myspace page, not realizing it would have the effect it has had, and the popularity it has gained.

Who are the people behind it? What is the purpose of ACM?

As far as the people behind it, I was very open about my identity until I received a great amount of harassment and threats, towards myself and my family, who were also on Myspace at the time. I choose to remain anonymous for now for this reason, and do not have a personal Myspace page. We do not add christians, or christian acts. They will not get any type of support from us, although many of them have friend requested us. ACM is very picky about who is a friend on Myspace.

So, what exactly are your thoughts on Christian metal? Are you against the music just because of its ties to the major religion, or do you actually think it sounds bad, too?

Like any genre of music, christian Metal has it's good, and bad music. I am very impressed with the guitar playing of Jeff Scheetz, and the guitar playing of Believer. I do not have a problem with a christian being in a band like Deicide either, as long as they aren't pushing their beliefs, what is the problem? The problem I have is preachy bands. What bands like Bloodgood did, where they openly proclaimed, accept jesus, or burn for all eternity in Hell.

Why doesn’t it belong alongside all other metal bands?

The reasons it doesn't belong alongside other great musical acts 1) All of the bands are bad carbon copies of the real thing. These christians listen to a band like Slayer, and totally rip off their sound, and claim it as something new and fresh. It is just a bad copy of something good 2) christianity has no place in Heavy Metal. True Heavy Metal is about rebellion, destruction, not love and forgiveness.

Who do you think are some of the worst offenders in the Christian metal scene?

Bloodgood, Ultimatum, Stryper, Frost Like Ashes, Mortification.

Is Christian metal primarily an American plague, or do you see it in pretty sizable numbers elsewhere?

Without a doubt it is worldwide, there are christian metal bands, from India, South America, and even Norway. The reason it has become the major power that it is, is major label support. These guys are on major labels, and selling (and making) millions. Just a few years ago Stryper was given over 56,000 dollars to play Mexico. They never played the show, and kept the money. These guys are making more money, than well know secular artists.

What countries or areas do you feel have the best Anti-Christian metal scene? What Anti-Christian metal bands would you recommend to readers?

Without a doubt the stronger Anti-christian scene is in Norway. Gaahl is a well known and respected figure head there. He gets invited to public social events. I would without a doubt recommend anything by Ophidian Forest, old Morbid Angel those are my personal favorites.

What kinds of responses have you received about your page, from bands or from people? Have you run into any problems with those who take offense to your stance on Christian metal?

I have received responses from both sides of the fence. I get daily emails, What is your problem with christian Metal? I have received hate mail, I have been called a satanist, nazi, asshole, for which I am none, well maybe an asshole.

Was there anything really hilarious or exceptionally idiotic said to you that you’d like to share?

A christian did threaten to beat the shit out of me, which I found quite humorous. Doesn't seem very christian to me.

What are your thoughts on the Satanic/Anti-Christian bands that run into trouble due to their beliefs?

That is to be expected. I find it humorous christians show so much hatred, and anger to a band. Again, not very christian if you ask me.

You’re obviously not a fan of Christianity, so what are your thoughts on the religion itself for example, why you don’t like it, why you think it’s bad and how you’ve seen it affect the world? Do you feel the same way towards other religions like Muslim and Judaism? Are you also against the Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism or do you view them differently? How about Wicca and other pagan religions?

The reason I have a big problem with christianity is it gives people a false sense of hope. It has had a great affect on the world. Look how many countries ban gay and lesbian marriage. They are implementing a christian value, on someone who may not agree with that view. The only religion I have no real problem are the easter religions. From my own personal experience, none of them are pushing their beliefs on me. Wiccans and Pagans have never bothered me. I have no problem with anyone following those religions, on that note also following true Satanism.

So, what are your thoughts on Satanism of any and all kinds? Do you see any big similarities or differences between people who actually do worship a Christian Satan and Christians themselves?

My own personal belief is Atheism. I do like many of the beliefs shared by true Satanists. Such as love to those that deserve it. Anyone who worships 'the devil' are just as bad as those worshipping jesus. Both were created by christians, looking to put fear into those, who choose not to worship their god.

Many can hate a religion, but what do you think of the Christian person? Should those against Christianity hate Christian people, too?

Not necessarily. There are some great christians out there, serving their country proudly, selling you illegal substances, starring in pornography. Why hate them?

What do you think of Christians who listen to Satanic black and death metal bands?

They are idiots. It is in complete disagreement with their belief system.

Do you condone things like church-burnings and other such grand-scale acts against Christianity?

Yes, very much so. I myself use the internet in many ways, legal and illegal to attack christians, specifically fans of christian metal. So I am all for burning down a church, to make a statement.

Are there Anti-Christian/Satanic metal bands out there that you feel actually make the metal scene against Christianity look bad?

Of course. Bands like Venom and Slayer, who seemed to be fighting a war against christianity in the '80s, now seem to be some sort of joke. It turns out these bands have christians in the bands. In 1984 Slayer was feared, who in the metal scene, takes Slayer seriously these days? Now it comes out Glen Benton is a practicing Catholic. The most well known anti christian bands have christians in them, people are laughing. That is ok, the true warriors have always been underground.

You’ve conducted interviews with bands like Ophidian Forest and Imperial Winter. You’ve used the standard “13 Questions” deal so far. Do you plan on having more in-depth interviews in the future? Can we expect any reviews soon? Do you plan on turning ACM into a mini-zine of sorts, or is this just something on the side to further support these bands?

The reason I only do 13 questions, is because I know people have busy lives. Few people are going to be willing to take the time to do a long drawn out interview, with an unknown like ACM. So, I came up with the standard 13. So far everyone I have asked, with the exception of Ghoul, and Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, has answered them. When I am a little more well known, I will branch out with some more in depth interviews. I would also like to reinterview the bands I previously interviewed.
Antichristianmetal.com is up and running, well sort of. It is online, but that is about it. I have no website building experience, and am doing all the work on my own. So it will be some time before the site is fully online. It will be a mini zine of sorts, with band info, links, interviews, and lots of information.

How can someone support ACM? Do you know of any other groups/organizations like yours?

Just spread the word about ACM, support the bands and artists we have featured on our myspace. I know of no other sites dedicated to the war on christian metal. In fact if you go to
Google.com, and type in Anti christian Metal, we come up number one, even above the Wikipedial entry.

Thanks for answering all of these questions. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Check out our page at http://www.myspace.com/antichristianmetal, and support the bands and musicians we are friends with.

------ Interview by Suiisolation