Benighted in Sodom Interview with mastermind Matron Thorn:

Hello, Matron Thorn. How are you feeling at the moment?

Disoriented and vomiting on things in my room.

Would you mind sharing a brief history of the band for those unfamiliar with your work?

Benighted in Sodom gradually materialized in one form or another somewhere near the end of 2004, and there were a few members that joined the band, fucked off and did nothing. So I am, and will forever be the guiding light of Benighted in Sodom.

How would you describe Benighted in Sodom’s sound?

An endless dismal comedown from a place of beautiful euphoria.

Why is black metal an appropriate outlet for your musical paroxysms?

There are trace qualities of black metal to be found, but I have betrayed virtually every constant which characterizes black metal; I have so little in common with anything anymore.

Where do you find inspiration?

A deep resentment for family and a lifetime of twisted religious scarring of which to dwell upon forever.

How has the overall response to your music been so far? How much would you say, you actually care about what fans think of your music?

I'm grateful for skeptics and believers alike, though the reception that I have noticed has been mostly favorable to this point.

How personal would you say your music is? What parts of your personality, your being, do you divulge to listeners through the subliminal sounds of Benighted in Sodom?

Some things are much more straightforward than others, some things I say through music that I could never bear to admit aloud because their effect is too devastating, but all of it is a reflection of myself to some greater or lesser extent. Both lyrically and musically, there is too much happening at once for the messages to be blatantly stated; this music requires a much deeper reflection in order for these subliminal messages to be received and understood...

You released a short split with Bethlehem back in May. How did you come into contact with them? What do you think of Niklas Kvarforth as their new vocalist?

I've been in contact with Bethlehem for a little over a year since they first noticed me online, and from a mutual creative appreciation, we published an album together. I'm very honored to be a member of Bethlehem now, and I am sure that the inclusion of Kvarforth will yield some interesting results, to say the least.

As for your new release, “The Halls of Past Miseries 2006-2007” it's a compilation of older material and is being released as a free download. You explained your reasoning for that on your Myspace page, but you may state it again for readers . So, do you think more bands should release free, downloadable albums?

Well I believe that sometimes the faith of others should be rewarded. I choose to make this album available because it is an important fragment of the past which should not go unheard. I do hope that one day people realize that they have the ability to change things, if they would just take away the power from elitist labels and venues with no interest in opening their eyes to different artists with different visions. They would rather stoke the flames of some deceased delusion of purpose in world of clones. Nowadays, if you want people to appreciate your artwork, you have to limit its availability and latch firmly onto the coattails of some 'superstar' to gain a status. Well I go my own way, I always have. I'm not elite, I'm completely un-true, un-grim, un-compromising, un-changable. 

What normally takes place during recording?

Theres a long period of distance from everyone, self-induced exile and silence. Its usually very late and I will be alone in my studio when the recording happens. There is sleep deprivation, fasting, and other kinds of meditative pain to achieve the end without interruption.

Specifically, how would you describe the Florida metal “scene?”

Wind chimes in a thunderstorm of apathy.

In general, are there any bands that you feel play similar to Benighted in Sodom?

Not really. Though I would site Sneaker Pimps as an indirect influence to my later work, but that is all.

What bands do you think people should avoid/mock and what bands do you think people should listen to?

The only music I truly hate is hip hop music. The only black metal band I truly hate (today) is Sothis.

If I had to name any black metal bands I still care about, I would say maybe Armagedda, Enochian Crescent, Blut aus Nord, Woods of Infinity, Horna, Astriaal, Bethlehem, The Axis of Perdition, (v.e.g.a), Taake, and the bands that my friends are in are all excellent, they know who they are.

Like a psychiatrist, I will now present to you a series of words and/or phrases and would like to know what you make of them.

Genuine depression is a sacred commitment that you bring with you through everything. It isn't a place you can go to accumulate wells of pity when something doesn't go your way, it is something that permeates to the core of your life, until everything that is meaningful to you becomes swept in that oceanic tide of irreconcilable sadness and despair. It does exist exactly that way. I could never write a song explicit enough to illustrate what it is I truly feel.



The end is extremely fucking nigh.

This is a question I like to reserve primarily for black metal bands. What are your thoughts on Christianity? Why do you think it thrives in the modern world?

All religions are equally damaging to the world when they are applied in literal practice and without intelligent rationalization and observation. Whatever the original purpose of Religion may have been, it was eventually lost beneath a sea of personal biases and trivial emotional agendas; It solely exists now for many of the same reasons that black metal is glorified, which is to give an illusion of power or importance to people who can't take responsibility for their own lives and chose to invest their faith into a god(s) and magic for the sake of believing in something. There is nothing cool about slavery, kids. If you fall on your knees and worship a Goat and later on discuss how much you hate Christianity, you are a fucking hypocrite and you should stop breathing. Your occult books are printed on paper at a press that is operated by robots and there is nothing mystical about them. A human being made them, a human being sold them to you, and now you put your destiny into mortal, human hands. Why does every answer need to come with arcane symbols and a promise of salvation? Why do you deserve to be saved? Why do you deserve to have power over anything? You are flesh and blood like me, and when we die, we will fertilize this earth that something beautiful may grow in our place one day. Heaven is a hole in the ground.

What other words do you wish to depart with during this interview? What lies in the near and the distant future of Benighted in Sodom?

More albums to be released this year, and a European tour may also manifest soon. Thanks for the interview and good questions.

Hidee ho.

-Matron Thorn MMIX-

------ Interview by Suiisolation