Chaos Invocation
“In Bloodline With The Snake”
Canonical Hours 

Occultic flurries of blazing, bright green flames pave the way for Chaos Invocation’s German black metal in praise of He. From the mouths of black dragons Chaos Invocation "Five years after the congregation the circle finally decided to unleash its beats to let them devour the world." In Bloodline With the Snake” is that Promethean offering and it's the ultimate experience in metallic Satanism. Reminiscent of Watain, with their constant and unending pouring of maleficent riffage, they add an extra bit of uniqueness with melty diversions into slower paced black metal. “Injection- Poison of the Black Prophets” is completely insane, yet is so well put together it can’t be yanked apart even with two monster trucks on both ends. M.’s vocal variety with A. and AD.’s powerhouse instrumentation is sure to make you drop to your knees and thank Satan you bought “In Bloodline With the Snake.” 

“Unlock the Abyss” has an amazingly haunting and slow groove sandwiched between blistering black metal. It also turns the disc cold, stepping away from the magma of the previous tracks. Each song has it’s own personality and brings something new to the table, making sure nothing about Chaos Invocation bores you. Mid-way through and I already knew “In Bloodline With the Snake” was unquestionably one of the strongest records I’ve heard in a long time. Chaos Invocation has that ultimately defiant blood coursing through their music, similar to what makes a band like Watain so crushing and so lasting. “Across Mental Borders” almost sounded like something the Swedes could have mustered up on “Sworn to the Dark.” A reliable test of how epic a band is, is to listen to a long track of theirs and see if you can stall from pressing “stop.” Seven minute “Psalms of Fornication” snaked it’s way into a bomb of chaotic fury that burst like fireworks into speedy black metal. The horror-movie soundtrack ending was unexpected, but used very well. I listened to the whole thing; three times.  

Man, this album is mouthwatering. There’s everything you’d want from slower paced black metal, to furiously fast tracks of cocaine driven mania followed by ritualistic melody broken up by utter chaos. There are straightforward songs like the title track as well as “Pathways,” a mostly instrumental song plucked from outer space, ambient, stellar and cosmic with a brief spoken word brush from M. “May your tongues burn” is the last line, leading into “Marana Tha’s” blazing attack. As was said before, CI is structured, but anything but predictable. I’ve listened to the album dozens of times and am still surprised when I play it. Mixing black metal with old favorites, peppered thrash and a slathering of ambient, Chaos Invocation has still managed to open up their own portal. This is Chaos Invocation metal! 

The only bad thing about ‘em is that you’ll need the help of an all-seeing eye to read the dark brown lyrics printed on a brown booklet. I mean, I thought the first line to “The Creation of Divine Fire” was “Mormon cats of the sun.” I went “Wha-?” doubletake. Still, this earthy tone’s a breath of fresh air from the black and white booklets dotted with bits of blood red you see all of the time in this genre. Also, sigh a breath of relief that you’ll get fire and brimstone in place of woodsy trees and trolls. Chaos Invocation is a master of atmosphere, creating juiced up travesties of Anti-Christianity. Watain gets all of the credit, but there are far more bands recording anti-hymnal music to worship to. Those “anti-cosmic bringers of revenge” make Sweden look like the birthplace of Lucifer, turning Norway into a musical realm of child’s play. But, those two aside, Germany is a force to be reckoned in this blackened witchcraft. And with the sheer power of “In Bloodline With the Snake,” the men of Chaos Invocation can fight off an army of Nords any day. The production is just clear enough to hear all of the integral workings of the devil. Available through Canonical Hours for American and UK hordes and Blut and Eisen Productions for others, “In Bloodline With the Snake” must be heard!