"Filipino Antichrist"
Hell's Headbanger's

Twenty years of virgin violations and Deiphago are still performing their blasphemous rituals? Hell yeah. Since 1989, these Filipinos have been breathing fire (literally) and writing black metal songs too warped for those used to listening to whatever polished and painted up wannabes some trendy metal site claims is grim as Lucifer’s diarrhea. Primitive and tyrannous, “Filipino Antichrist” is the vaccine to Christians shoving their beliefs down your throat. Why not try strapping an x-tian to a chair and blasting some Deiphago so loud that even your own ears start to tear from the force? That’ll teach those annoying Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses from knocking on your door during your mid-week, black mass chicken sacrifice.

Short and cacophonic, “Christ Eater” pulls you out of your seat, into the front row of a live massacre. With the rawness of a concert, the recording is perfect for Deiphago’s fanatical war black metal. You can almost smell the venue and feel the body-heat of other headbanging, horn-displaying metalheads. Listening to “Filipino Antichrist” wears you out in a good way, like after seeing an amazing show. Another great track, “Storming Chaos” has such a fitting title. The music is again drastic and mind-ripping, the vocals transforming from needing some Zyprexa to choking down a cocktail of antipsychotics. They’re gutting shouts from Voltaire 666 combined with his gasoline screams. As for the instruments, Sidapa’s guitars are anything but easily digestible and melodic while Devastator’s rapid-fire drumming sounds like he’s possessed by a hantu demon. With a name like “Satan, Semen and Blood,” I just have to write about this Costa Rican landslide (since they’ve since moved to this beach resort of a country. They must love pissing off Catholics). The only way to describe it is sheer chaos without structure, but a damn good slice of bestial terror.

To the unseasoned, this probably sounds like a nightmare; which is what makes “Filipino Antichrist” all the better. Only “Satan, Semen and Blood” and the title-track go over three minutes, the rest about two minute fragments of a 30-minute, heroine fueled knife fight.

Deiphago may have covered Beherit, Bulldozer, Hellhammer, Nuctemeron (obscure 80's death metal from Poland), Sarcofago, Sodom and Von, but these Asian Ahriman's still have their own, fortified sound. Deiphago are the great equalizer and if you can't stand the noise terrorism, go masturbate to some "Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder." Your standard jewelcase with metallic gold print, a twelve page booklet featuring a chimerical, sea-faring monstrosity on the cover, can be found at Hell's Headbangers along with four other versions, one being a "die-hard edition" with "111 hand-numbered copies on colored vinyl w/: back patch, poster, gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve." Now go forth and BUY.