Deviator interview with vocalist/guitarist Hastner

First off, hello and how are you?

Ave, Tanin’iver Zine. Nice title for UG black metal zine.
 Well, not so good as I would like to be becouse of shitty situation that has happened with my first full-length album. Some russian "fans" have uploaded it on different mp3 pirate servers. Though I still do not get my copies from label and waiting on them. 

Could you provide a brief history of the band? How would you describe Deviator’s sound?

Deviator - young black/death metal formation from Khmelnitskiy city (Ukraine). It has been started as one man dark ambient project. In 2007 a.y.p.s. has been created first black… death metal demo - Black Stronghold. It sounds Very raw, harsh and brutal with nihilistic, misanthropic atmosphere. Antilife, Antifuture...

The best dark ambient work is "Estrangement"(originally released in 2008 a.y.p.s. Soon might be released on U.S. December Ghost records label) Finally I have managed to form whole band and a little bit later we recorded our EP - "Bloodthorny Horizons" - 2 live tracks and 2 covers. But sound was not exactly what I wanted to reflect in my Creations.  

So, finally in 2009 a.y.p.s. first full-length album has been recorded and released - Mighty Black Inner flame with help only by one man from Internal Spirit band - V.Emperor and two sessions musicians . Atmospheric and mystic black/death metal with melodic & acoustic parts has also dark occult-philosophical lyrics with strong Nordic Spirit influenced ...  

I try to Create Music with dark atmospheric original depressive sound with heavy black/death metal hooked riffs and emotional harrowing screaming. 

Where do you usually gain inspiration to write music?

The great inspiration is my depression I live every day with. Sometimes people that caused it. ( three songs for example are dedicated to persons betrayed my feeelings to them: Old melancholy, Forgotten Hope, Black Sorrow (from future album). Also I like to walk near old graveyards, woods, deep lakes, collect dead insects, skulls, bones and so on. Playing pc games as Neverwinter Nights, Space rangres, Heroes ІІІ-V, Disciples 2 ( favourite race is Legions of the damned of course:),
reading pagan and occult literature.  

“Mighty Black Inner Flame” is raw and organic in sound; you understand that humans are behind the music, not a recording studio’s bag of tricks. How is the reaction been so far with “Mighty Black Inner Flame?” How does your new album show the progression of the band since its beginning?

Well, I am not agree that this album has raw sound though it has been created in home conditions of my friend's studio each instrument sounds clear on every track. Only Drums are not natural and I do not like their programming on some parts of compositions but for live sound we have no money at all... It is obviously that a lot of people like this stuff but I am very disappointed things I've mentioned in the beginning of interview. We do not need such kind of "fans" with primitive consumer selfish mentality. It is great step forward but still it does not reflect whole potential of our band. We should also give live shows and gigs to show it. Hope will have such opportunity in the nearest future.  
On “Undying Darkness,” the vocals are layered, with spoken words, screams, more guttural sounds and scratchy whispers are lying on top of one another. What kind of atmosphere were you trying to gain with this technique?

Yes, it sounds very original. This composition has 4(!) different types of vocal. Clear and screaming parts of voices are performed by Pr.Sergiy (Moloch horde) and scratchy whisper growling by me. It causes strange, unpredictable, dark atmosphere (as each track from this album!) 

The title, “Mighty Black Inner Flame” sounds connected to Anti-Cosmic Satanism. What are your thoughts on Satanism, especially in black metal? What do you think of other religions?

I agree with you. And such songs as "The Last day of mankind","Raw Symphony of Sorrow", "Undying Darkness" are also connected with Anti-Cosmic Satanism. But I wrote lyrics to some of these songs 2-4 years ago and did not know anything about such conception. The main idea of song "Mighty Black Inner Flame" is to show horrible influence of christian system on human mind. Also it has deeper sense as process of revelation of Dark Spirit and estrangement from material world. It is rather painful of course. So, track is grim and depressive but also melodic and beautiful.
Satanism is perverted nowadays and cannot be perceived to one denomination. 
Though I respect people who really involved to serve Dark Forces but this left-hand path is only for elite and cannot be spread on masses.
 Though there are 16 896(!) black metal bands registered on metal-archives. Of course they cannot be totally satanic oriented. And believe me there are true dark servants and black wizzards that even do not know such term as "Black metal". Most of people in Black Metal( I belongs to this part too) are concentrated on own microcosmic world, spread their negative feelings in music and thinking about own development and rise to leave their music in objective reality for years after...Death:)  

Other religions also help me to collect mosaic of forgotten path but I have negative 
attitude to monotheistic conceptions majority of them. Can not say it about pagan beliefs of indo-european religiosity. There are really taste of Freedom and Paganism reflects objective laws of visible and invisible worlds...  

The occult is an influence on your music, correct?

I am interested in runic magic and rituals, getting amulets and other things I do not want to write in this interview. Mictian is also interested in theosophy. Now he is reading works of E.Blavatskaya.

There is a strong misanthropic vibe on your album. How do you see society in general and what do you think of the “progress” of the human race?

Yes, I agree with you. I should notice that every song is based on negative feelings - aggression, frustration, hatred, sorrow, anger, pain. Human race is near it's own Collapse and no matter who we are or will be. The last day of mankind surely will come.  About society in general. I will answer a little bit later.  

Are there any collaborations with Moloch? Will there be more in the future?

At first want to say that I am glad to have such majestic and great friend as Pr.Sergiy from Moloch horde. He is only ONE who helps me so much on my Path through years! Yes, we have 3 splits with him. And the new one with another great one-man band from our native land - Begotten will be re-released as CD on german SFH-records.  

How much time and money is put into keeping Deviator alive?

Money is serious need for all of us. We have now only one repetion at week. That is all. Sure I will change this situation to better to buy new instruments for us and will be looking for people to organize some serious gigs. But it is not really easy task.  

What is it like to be in a black metal band where you’re from? 

Be honest really HARD. Especially in our fucking Khmelnitskiy city. People here are very predictable, narrow-minded, materialistic and christianized. Even worse - every human worm has deal to you. Let some black-metaller from Europe try to appear on public in corpse-paint, thorns with nails, inversed cross, leather coat etc. in our town. He will be very surprised of human "tolerance". Though we have used to these cattle crowd...There are also some other shitty things I do not want to tell...  

The Ukraine is sometimes connected with NSBM bands, because of acts like M8L8TH, Hate Forest, Nokturnal Mortum… etc. What do you think of NSBM and these kinds of ideologies?

On this question I would like to stop more deeply. First of all there are a lot of misunderstandigs and speculations towards NS ideology (as towards Satanism too). And it is understandable. Classical nazism based on beliefs include ideas of white supremacy, german superiority, racial separatism and hatred, antisemitism, anticommunism etc. What was consequences of this "politics" towards Ukraine and other countries everyone know.(Though communism ideology is total shit). M8l8th is not ukranian band but russian and I am not totally agree for what they are standing for. On ukrainian lands NSBM-movement means first of all back to native roots, pagan beliefs and protest against world globaliztion but not declare ideas of white superiority, racial intolerance or adore ideas and "romantic" of Third reich.
 Hate Forest lyrics is based on indo-european mythology and legends, Lovecraft mythology, Nietsche philosophy. They were always far from politics and religion. Band had never given an interviews, never made photos.  
 Nokturnal Mortum has another history but I do not want to comment it. 

Just want to tell that DEVIATOR is Neither nsbm Nor any other political band and totally Against of any kind of totalitarian thinking. If someone think that someday he built something like ideal type of society. This day will never come! Conflicts will be forever in every society and it is normal situation. Only political System should be flexible enough to regulate them effective. But in our country is NOT so. 
I see Structural Latented Violence everywhere! TV - brings total shit, cheap ridiculous entertainment and soap operas. Mass-materialistic consumed culture, pop-music with out any kind of gnosis, horrible corruption and absolutely unligitimated government, bad unnatural food and water, stupid propaganda of smoking, drinking and safe sex. Most of people in Ukraine think about money, survival and how to trick each other...
 I am totally AGAINST this system! Let Nidhogg eat You all! Let you Burn in Fire!  
Are there any bands that you feel play in a similar style as yours?

I think our music is very melodic death and depressive black metal influenced but it is for sure Deviator has unique sound. 

What bands do you consider favorites and/or influences?
I like Lik ( occult dark rock), Arckanum, Bathory ( from Blood, fire,death album), Dissection(swe), Ablaze my Sorrow, Callenish Circle, Abbysic Hate, Death, Nile, Agalloch, Darkness(one-man band UK), Ishtar, Lord Belial, Mgla, Nephenzy, Fester, Sombre Forets, Therion(old), Nature's elements and so on.  

You said in a previous interview that you are completely against the great numbers of people who have a completely digital musical collection that they’ve taken from the internet. Why do you think people are content with choosing to download so much music and buy so little?

Becouse it is much more easier to downlaod music from internet than to buy licensed CD. I understand such category of people but I really hate when someone uploaded other's music especially Black Metal. It becomes something available for masses that even do not think about author's feelings.  

What lies in the future for Deviator? Do you have anything else to leave Tanin’iver Zine with? Thanks for the interview!

My path has never been easy but I KNOW what I should to do in the future. Now I have finished work on three new songs. Sound changes a little bit to grim, very dark and depressive midle-tempo style . Hope will record new stuff till the end of this year. 
Thanx a lot, Yulon for excellent questions and interest to our band. You are very penetrating and intellectual young lady. Good luck to You and your Web-Zine!

------- Interview by Suiisolation