Exetheris interview with mastermind Lord Exetheris

You started your trek with the majesty of Exetheris in 2004, coagulating into the Greek black metal scene.
Perhaps you could you provide a bit of history on your releases for those not familiar with them?

Hail and thank you for the introduction. Indeed, it's been some time now. Several split releases have manifested themselves so far as well as a debut album and a few demos.

What is the purpose of Exetheris? What is the meaning of Lucifer and/or the occult in general in your music and perhaps in your life as well?

Lucifer/Satan goes hand in hand with the Black Metal forces of Magic. No Satan, no Black Metal. It is as simple as that. To further answer your question, despite my musical roots, I do not play Black Metal just to have the chance to use a guitar or become a stupid metalhead. Everything is done because of some belief system deep inside, deep down there. The whole of "the meaning" is enormous and it certainly can not be contained in anything less than a book.

The sigil used with your logo looks like one from demonology. Is it for a particular demon or was it crafted specifically for Exetheris?

The sigil was crafted by me specifically for Exetheris. The logo, inspired by the chapel of Exeter in the UK, thanks to Chriztopher. The alpha and the omega. The Chi-Rho monogram. The symbol of infinity. The circle of sacrifice. The blood. The reversed cross formed by the Rho and the reversed Pentagram. The formations that look like syringes and the ones who are ready for another shot of heroine. The barb wired warfare zone of this dynamic life pulse contra the chaos dragon. Everything makes perfect sense. Look at the bible, the stars, our urban reality and the weeping forest at night.

I have never heard of the term “Exetheris” before happening upon your band. What is its meaning? I mean, it sounds Latin, but that’s about all I can derive.

You judged well, it is partly middle age Latin. And then, ancient Greek. "Ex" stands for "the ex, the one who used to be, who held a place somewhere etc.", "Ether" "the ether, the substance, or in latin the aura surrounding a deity, the heavens and so on...", "is" simply puts all of the aforementioned attributes and attaches them to a male figure. Need I say more? In a free translation one would say this is equal to "the fallen" but then again...maybe even "christ"? In the sense of the one who derived from heaven with the substance of god. Just see how mysterious Lucifer is. The fallen one, the dark, can easily turn into a snake and be worshipped as their sweet lorde Christus. Acknowledge the name and you shall discover everything.

You’re involved in many other bands, of varying metal genres such as Goat Phallus’ rebel black metal belching and Acid Orchid’s/Beither’s psychedelic metal, with a few other projects further deviating from Exetheris’ satanic ambience. How do you balance your time between your bands and why do you delve into everything from electronica to death/black metal? 

Lately I don't really spend much time on "music" since I found new "hobbies" that seem more weird, powerful and strange in general. As well as with a better 'cosmic future' in sight. However time is not an issue as long as one has enough to eat and he is determined to do something in such ambiances just to let out, manifest, certain forces. As time goes by, I find myself more and more away from the metal circles. I have grown tired of all of them, and the people in generally. No one really cares about anything, it's mostly about drinking, having a "good time" and so on. They don't care if one is a satanist, a christian, a muslim or an ultranationalist, a communist or some flower power boy. In our days of nihilism, what more can one expect anyway. It's as clear as it gets, hopefully my mind saved me this time. And another point, it's simply ridiculous to witness all the evil Black Metallers to denounce god and then be so "..." (no word fits here, sorry!) that they are trapped inside their own "Black Metal" games and play. What a disgrace. When they see the ways everything is presented and if they'd be able to grasp certain powers and feel chaos and order, then they will understand. I can't blame little kids for their mind problems, since they are not shocked enough yet.

 It can also be assumed that you listen to a plethora of musical genres. So, what are some of your favorite bands and how do they influence your music/life/way of thinking?

I do listen to tons of "music" but every bit of it must have something special. In the Black/Death circles I'd easily say my favorite band is my pal, Willy and Mutiilation from France. Then a few more from Sweden and France, more or less known. From the States I'd say Nightbringer. Here's a suggestion for the listeners, give a try to some 30s greek music, roza eskenazy is my favorite female singer of the time, rempetika, old banned music. In there everyone will find unique levels of solitude, pain and sorrow. Smart rock solid heroine users. Real struggle and attitude. So deep.

You’re currently working with None More Black Records, am I right? How did you get into contact with them and how has your collaboration with the Canadian label been?

I don't work with None More Black anymore. The collaboration has been awful, that guy's hobbie seemed out of place so he dropped it. We just got in touch a few years ago, and after the other label bands told him they knew me etc. it was easy. We did a full length release and that's all about it. No further co-operation.

How has the response been so far with your recent split albums, “Triumvirate (Coalition of the Depised)” with Helvette and Sect Insanabilis, “Train ‘Exether’ to D.P. State” with Deep-pression, and “Obliteration Conquest Crucifix,” with Goat Phallus? The latter two are with bands you’ve been involved with, so I’m guessing those went well, but how was it piecing together “Triumvirate…” with Helvette and Sect Insanabilis from Singapore? Why did you decide to work with those bands? Do you really enjoy the “Singa-hell” black metal scene?

Asian Black Death is pretty much okay. I used to listen to a bunch of bands from that side of the VVorld. Well Mike of Sect Ins. was a member of Impiety, and the gigantic Impiety are legendary, as well as friends of Willy. Total killer stuff! They appreciate Exetheris. I've also known Helvette for a few years. It was a good chance to celebrate all that with something cheap and I could throw in some old unused tracks. The GP split is just okay, as you said. There is some noise around of GP, everyone likes that style of sounds. The D-p one however has enjoyed the most success. It's free and it's something different. You don't hear Exetheris sounding like that everyday.

I’ve read one review in 72 Spirits describe Exetheris as “anti-Christian  Satanic  black  metal  in  the  classic  Greek  style…” I’m sure many people think of Rotting Christ when they see “classic Greek style[d]” black metal. So, what do you think of the description?

The description in question is totally out of place in my humble opinion. I never liked Greek Black Metal, well except maybe one single band (you know who you are). Back then the guys had some attitude and style, good for them. I don't think Exetheris sounds anything like it though.

In an interview with the same zine, you said something along the lines of “… there can be no black metal without Satan.” What did you mean by that and how does this reflect upon bm bands who claim that Satanism/evil has no part in their music?

I think I partly explained that above as well. Bands in the Black Metal circle who claim to have nothing to do with Evil or Satan should just give up the tag in question. Or maybe, I don't know, accept that they only reflect half the magic, mere music that sounds like Black Witching Metal or something. There is no other explanation. It's not bad at all to say that one is not into Black Metal, why be so cliche, children? On the contrary, as things have turned out nowadays, it's perhaps an honest statement by itself. Black Metal needs honest people coming from the 26th century.

You sport a gasmask in many pictures. Does it serve as some sort of symbol or do you just think it fits in nicely with the metal aesthetic?

I like this gas mask, it can be of great use, in times of danger or city riots. It's an original from the USSR, military GP-5, built and delivered on 28 august 1982. But I guess it doesn't match the other one, from the third Reich. It's not really about the metal aesthetic, but more like a way to present how one can be overwhelmed by constant bullshit from the mortals and the little toxins of trendy gay metal. All of them are more dangerous than Sarin. The mask in question was never used for Exetheris, be it known.

What was it about black metal’s allure that drew you to it?

Satan. The world it manifests, a VVorld free of any cosmic chains. How easy it is to craft it. Like chaos, in its many forms.

Do you feel that many people have gone astray from the "real" purpose of black metal turning it's uniqueness/rebellion into something they can gain social status from, the middle finger to organized thought no longer? Isn't this just the fate of damn near everything? To become popularized and produced simply for profit and status?

Yes, this might be the fate of everything, it's simply the way this cosmos functions. However, only a few "Black Metallers" manage that and earn a living through this art, most of them are simply daydreaming. Gaining social status is more simple, since there are many people around on standby to worship someone or something. The bottom line is that the artists slowly die mentally or physically and no one gives a shit after all. 

Have you been on tour or played live shows yet? What are your plans regarding them?

There have been no live shows with Exetheris even though we had some proposals in the past. Nothing is planned, it's more likely to see me live with some other bands.

What does the future hold for Exetheris?

Exetheris will participate in the antichristmas compilation of Misantrof Antirecords and a split with Kult of Taurus is also underway, through a greek label, if all goes as planned. Hopefully a new full length album meets the surface some time in the future, too.

Thank you for the interview… are there any more words you’d like to share?

Hail and Slay! Thank you for the interesting interview and the support. There are still a few copies of the Goat Phallus split CD, everyone interested should get in touch as soon as possible. contacts: exetheris@gmail.com



----------- Interview by Suiisolation