Shepherd of Rot Records 

Seattle is an eccentric and creative hotspot where tons of art and new ideas have sprouted from. Nothing to stare at for long periods of time and nothing new, Godspit is an old school metal band with Brian Llapitan of NME fame on vocals, Luvleggs on guitar (Mace, Go Like Hell, The Pleasure Elite), Nils Scurvy (Dragstrip Riot) on bass and Joe Frothingham (Go Like Hell, Himsa) on drums. They’re dirty and improper and seeing as how they’ve all played in tons of Washington based bands they’re also a true reflection of the Seattle music scene. Well, it seems the Pacific Northwest city must have a hard-on for Motorhead because Godspit certainly don’t keep their 80’s love-affair secret as their debut EP “Godspit,” is full of old school heralding from start to end. 

The vocals sound like Lemmy if Satan had possessed him. While Llapitan coats himself in gasoline and starts shouting, you can imagine Lemmy Kilmister surrounded by fire, standing like Cronos in the image mirrored by infernal Ohio speed metal band Midnight for their “Farewell to Hell” release. “Dead To Me” starts the record spinning and is recorded with such low-tuned instruments that this old school metal band not only conjures up the toughness of 80’s heavy metal and hard rock, but even that of death metal from the same era. The guitar solo is soaked rich in that old school spirit and electrifies the basement production. “Rattle Your Bones” and “Snitch” are both about two minutes long, showcasing how good metal can be straightforward, stepping away from how it’s done know; shot up with steroids and complication. “Snitch” gives the music a real back alley, local bar feel. “Ace of Spades,” I mean “The Hammer” is obviously an ode to Motorhead. With the well-known rhythm of “Ace of Spades” caked in an extra coating of grime and re-vamped lyrics, it’s an ingenious way to end “Godspit.” 

As this is an EP, the only real complaint is that it’s too short! This sounds like “party ‘til everyone passes out” music and unless you’re drinking fruit punch flavored “cyan-aide”, you’ll need more than ten minutes of fist-pumping and headbanging to satisfy! So check out Godspit and rock on!