Hunters Moon
"The Serpents Lust"
Hell's Headbangers

If you want valiance without steering towards shores of nut-squeezing power metal or gaudy symphonic acts of bedazzled runes and red trench coats, why not reach for some Hunters Moon? Hammering mid-paced black metal, their second teaser, “The Serpents Lust,” is a six-song EP reminiscent of “Blood Fire Death,” albeit dirtier and blacker. 

“A Light in the Abyss” and the “Raven’s Swoon” are pure Bathory-esque boldness. Though only about five minutes of old schooling each, they will slay most other songs that are said to be “epic;” probably because “way.too.long” doesn’t flow as well off the tongue. On the flip-side, “Baphomet” turns away from barbarians and goes straight to a darkly lit street corner. Standing there is a kutte-laden gang adorned with nothing but 80’s glory. Still savage, the guitar solos give the music some “melody” and “groove,” making for a perfect moshing song. Listening to this album in the computer lab was a sure-fire way to clear the room of x-tians who thought I was possessed. With the intro and outro being instrumentals, you only get about 18 minutes of music you can really sink your teeth into. Oh yeah, you’ll be begging for more.

Lust’s raspy dry-mouth vocals along with J. Eradicator’s dusty black/thrash strumming and pounding make this Australian epic-ness more suited for lo-fi junkies. Forming in 2006 by ex and former members of Nocturnal Graves and Denouncement Pyre, two blackened fukk-it-all bands, Hunters Moon is so un-showy and un-conforming, they don’t even use apostrophes. Now that’s “trve” black metal for ya.