Nocturnal Breed
Hammerheart Records

Neck-breaking metal doesn’t have anything to do with grind or breakdowns, but everything to do with classic thrash soaked in a witch-blessed vat of black metal impiety. Nocturnal Breed’s “Aggressor” is the must-have record of blackened, thrashened, ugliness. With a rust colored cover grimily decorated with a jagged barbarian in full armor, wielding a needle-point axe and probing an enflamed, barbed wire battlefield for wounded bodies to butcher, airplanes flying overhead, “Aggressor” exudes metal.

Tearing the shrouds off of holy, chaste ornaments “I Rape the Angels” tightly bounds sinister black tipped thrash metal and an anything of wimpy, seraphic keyboard/synth part, winding around the guitars and drums as whiskey drenched screams of de-virginizing potency break into coffin-scented air. “Frantic Aggressor” has non-self-indulgent guitar solos, an atmosphere or irreverence for all and is 100% extreme metal to the T. It’s short and precise, cutting straight to the bone without any fancy lacing or care for anything but making evil music. “Maggot Master” congests the air so that every breath is thick like sucking in a throat full of flesh-eating maggots. Track “Nocturnal Breed” is the consummate potion of addictive turpitude, throwing in nefarious guitars, ominous drumming, muddy bass tracks, marching screams, an eerie voiceover and shrieking solos into an elixir sure to get you inebriated enough to point the gun the wrong way.

A cover of Death’s “Evil Dead” prolongs pain that hurts so good. A quickened pace leads abruptly into a darker tinted half of “Aggressor,” where the tracks are muddier, but still clear enough to hear every slight dip into Nocturnal Breed’s melodic tendencies. “Alcoholic Rites” signifies an ultimate NB experience. It opens with the sounds of bottles clanking and an utterly noxious guitar part. It continues to climb to new heights of majesty and blasphemy, with deeply reaching pitches and riffing that almost jump into the gates of old school death metal. The last two tracks, “Blaster” and “Locomotive Death” are both an ode to the carefree wickedness of this style of music. It's sinfully catchy, ending this album without disappointment.

Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of sacrilege, baptism by fire, blood-drunk maggots, intoxication and perverted malice when Nocturnal Breed arrives. The songs on “Aggressor” are luridly catchy and full of lyrics sure to have the neighbors shivering and knocking at your door with a priest. Nocturnal Breed’s “Aggressor” blasts of groovy blasts of utmost debauchery, blasphemes for a hobby and combines Usurper’s style and Venom’s mindset. This is a true classic to be worshipped now and in the hereafter.