Paragon Belial
“Nosferathu Sathanis”
Bloodred Horizon Records

Arising from an eleven year slumber, Paragon Belial returns to chase away the hordes of wannabe black metal bands. With members from bands like Bethlehem, Shining and Anti, this reincarnation will prove to be a malevolent disc of high quality black metal perversion. The band may be named after a Darkthrone song, but “Nosferathu Sathanis,” is certainly not going down the same musical path as Darkthrone. Unlike those Norwegians, these Germans still induce insanity upon hearing, unleashing a bloodthirsty beast with every track to stalk you, causing massive paranoia and hysteria.

The first track off of “Nosferathu Sathanis”is reminiscent of Trelldom’s “Til Minne” with a less frosty shell and darker streams of thought pouring through the intense black metal musicianship. The riffs sound unending, drifting into something that no matter how loud you turn on the music, still sounds like you need to chase after it. Yet, every instrument is clear, even the battering bass guitar, which is usually hidden in the background. “666 Calling of the Dead” is a hyper-blasting track, ripping through medleys of screams, growls, grunts, shrill yelps and cymbal crashes so sharp, they’re like flying razors. The Hellhammer Cover of “Horus/Aggressor” is perfect. Disturbing discordance melded with hateful black metal is an old school figurine of harshness and is pure, re-vamped perfection. Paragon Belial manage to capture that old school, choppy sound executed with finesse.

“Abomoth” provides for a tempo change, sounding almost like a black metal band playing a funeral song through a death metal band’s hands. Things speed up to a guitar solo like you’d hear off of an extreme metal album recorded about two decades earlier. “Necromancer” invokes a demon of old, shooting off rounds of untypical blackness, transforming into an atmospheric daze and ending in devilish laughter, like a werewolf staring at the moon, enjoying the thought of killing. “Black Metal United and Strong,” completes Paragon Belial’s venture into the time before they began their hiatus. It’s a pumping and classic mixture of thrash, black metal and punk.

Paragon Belial’s music is unlike any other band. They manage to play fast, freezing black metal while still injecting a new strain of viral sound, full of misanthropy and darkness that’s darker than even the most depressive black metal act, but with a more sadomasochistic mood versus a masochistic one. This is a time where you can judge a book by its cover, because the artwork for “Nosferathu Sathanis” features a monstrous entity that completely reflects upon the music stored within. This is a hybridization of 90’s worship and the experimental beats of today, creating the epitome of blasphemic black metal that is truly for fans of the underground.