Saturnian Mist
Descending Towards Damnation

Saturnian Mist blast tarnished and grimy black metal non-conforming to presumptions of what Finnish black metal is. From the get go their sound is less the trance-inducing and spacey mysticism the name implies, instead brandishing the rings of Saturn like some badass circular ninja swords and leaving a mist of red life-force in their wake. Consuming around 27 minutes of your existence, “Repellings” uses and abuses you, leading you around a candle-lit labyrinth of psychotic black metal riffs, brisk drumming and the drowned out cries of Famulus Zetekh in an experience like melting into the scenery of a nightmare. 

“The Manifestation” bleeds out a tumultuous 8 minutes of electric furiousness with drums so crisp it sounds like bone shards are being thrown about the recording room. The vocals eek out broken glass eating screams and roar in a low gargle. The force in this track empties out much of the unadulterated ferocity as “A Call in the House of Malign” conjures up expert black metal at a slower, doomier pace. You’ll probably have a half-cringe, half-smile on your face from the double assault of musical enthrallment and utter musical agony from the production. Thus, near the end, cavernous yowling comes soloing in and Famulus Chaoswind and Famulus Noxifer suture the wound with their guitars. Though final slasher “Threshold in Maleficent Grace” rips open your stitches and dumps the production right back into the garbage disposal and by that I don’t mean it’s bad, I mean it just sounds like what you’d probably hear if you stuck your head in one while your favorite Scandinavian nihilist soundtrack played in the background. The album ends in what sounds like F. Zetekh making out with a vacuum cleaner as the rest of the band slowly push their instruments through a wood-chipper.

“Repellings” will leave you with permanent damage to your hearing. The album is recorded loudly, capturing every bit of demonic possession Saturnian Mist must have been subjected to while recording. The instruments are harshly sharp and will cause newcomers to experience painful deafness for at least a day or two. Despite the physical torment, you will turn up your stereos and computers for Saturnian Mist and having to go to the doctor’s for a massive ear infection and splitting headache will be well worth it.