Skincrawler interview with mastermind Dekapitator

Hello, how are you doing?

I'm possessed by the undead!

Would you mind sharing a bit of history for those unfamiliar with Skincrawler? How would you describe the sound of your music?

The band started in May of 2008 as a side project for me and Slasher Dave of Acid Witch. We recorded a demo in 2 days and then he didn't want to continue with it, so I decided to do it myself. I had some egotistical douche on vocals for a couple months, but we never released anything with him thankfully. My music is raw and inspired by Hellhammer but not a direct clone of it like some bands shoot for..

You’re in some other bands like Decrepitaph and Foreboding, but with Skincrawler, you’re by yourself in playing and writing music. How do you feel about being a solo project versus being in a band with other members in it?

It's fun to be able to do some music without the opinions of others sometimes. Whatever I feel like doing is what I play and record basically. There are advantages to a full band for sure, but doing some solo stuff is cool too.

How has the response been so far for “Lair of the Foul?”

I think it's been pretty good. I haven't talked to the label that released it in awhile, but hopefully it's doing well for them! I've read some good reviews on it, but it's mainly a totally underground thing meant to appeal to a very limited number of people.

How did the recording process go? Where do you gain inspiration to create music for Skincrawler?

I wrote and recorded the whole album myself in like 4-5 days at my house. It's really simple stuff, and all the rawness and mistakes were left in to preserve that old primitive feel! Hellhammer is the main inspiration, but there are a ton of other old bands that I get inspired by. The list could be endless!

I hear you’re going to release a split with Old Bones from Sweden. How did you get into contact with the band? When can fans expect it to come out?

I don't remember who contacted who at this point, but one of us contacted the other and we've traded albums/demos and we've both recorded songs for the split 7" as well. We are still looking for a solid label to release it, so who knows WHEN it will be out! I'd like to say the end of 2009, but with the way delays go and all that, I'm not sure.

On your Myspace page, it says that Skincrawler is inspired by Hellhammer, so when people say your band sound so much like them, are you pleased, then? The bands you’re in seem to all play more old school styled death and black metal. So, do you listen to more modern bands?

I'm more pleased if people say they got the album and like it more than anything. I've never done a "tribute" style band before, so I'm ok with people thinking it sounds like Hellhammer because that's what I was going for pretty much. But, I hear weird stuff like it reminds someone of Autopsy or Venom..? Whatever! I like a good amount of modern bands, but only the ones playing the old style. All these new pathetic genres are a disgrace to metal. The original styles will ALWAYS be the best.

What are your thoughts on Myspace?

I hate it, but it's pretty essential for bands to promote on there. It's a good way to make some cool contacts and talk to members of bands you might not get a chance to otherwise. But, it's also a breeding ground for idiots, so I just do my band stuff there and leave.

What do you think of organized religion?


What do you thinks of tapes and vinyl versus CDs and downloading?

All of them are cool to me. I play tapes still, still collect vinyl, of course cd's as well, and I have tons of CDRs full of old late 80's/early 90's demos and cool stuff like that. I'm not against downloading unless you're one of those people that never buy ANYTHING and just go on blogspots and download every album and think you're a metal expert. I miss the tape trading days when people were dedicated.

You’re out of the first run of shirts, right? Will you be printing more? Maybe some patches later on?

Probably not. We did a run of shirts for people that wanted to pre-order the CD, and I did up a dozen extra, and that's basically it. Maybe if I ever get to do another album someday I will do more shirts, but I doubt it. I'm happy just doing a few splits here and there and having fun with it.

Thanks for the interview! Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks! Hopefully you'll be able to get the Skincrawler split with Old Bones sometime in the near future. You can expect more raw filth from our songs which I just recorded a few days ago!!! ONLY DEATH IS REAL!!!!!

------ Interview by Suiisolation