“Seven Chalices”

Spanish necromancers, Teitanblood, issue out “Seven Chalices,” a hideously scarring album of anti-technical death spewing terror. The music is wholly drenched in fiendishly melodious ooze, which is how I’d describe the combination of the music and the dense beyond belief production. After you’re done listening to this prime cut of raw production finesse, don’t be surprised if your eyes start itch and burn from not blinking for an hour.

Instantly, the Gregorian chanting ungodliness of “Whoremass” puts the “anti-Christian” stamp on “Seven Chalices.” “Morbid Devil of Pestilence” has the type of sinister atmosphere, super foreboding and eerie, that other extreme metal bands would kill for and they didn’t have to use a voice-over or programming to do it. “Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood” is a supreme offering to the gods of sonic terror. The fast paced music, full of maniacal riffs made with down-tuned and fiery guitars are like running zombies. Just scary. Of course, “The Abomination of Desolation” also stands out, rising up from the ground, starting out fast with the guitars and drums, but quickly turning into a slow-motion horror-movie flick as the music starts to slothfully meld into a doom/death track. Listening to “Seven Chalices” is like sitting on top of a tall hill overlooking a horde of putrid zombies feasting on ripe human flesh; you can’t stop watching even though you know you’re about to die.

It’s official now, basement production has been slain by this militia of “coffin production.” This release just had to have been recorded underneath six feet of moist grave soil. Merely listening to Teitanblood’s ancient slaughter makes it hard to breathe, like your throat and nostrils are getting filled with cold earth from this cut with a knife sound. It isn’t fuzzy and frost-bitten like black metal, but heavier and more attuned to play in the cemetery than the legendary raw death metal legends, Autopsy, themselves. “Seven Chalices” must be played through your own speakers to truly understand the psychotic, funeralistic death metal of Teitanblood.