“Morbid Prayer” 
Descending Towards Damnation 

The sculptor of the sculptor, Tehom is that which existence stemmed from. Out of those bottomless waters and twisting primordial roots, Teloch arises to expel ghastly sounds. The young Jyväskylä natives’ debut full-length “Morbid Prayer” is an abyssal seed of distressed, brackish melodies frozen solid so that every note sounds like an ice pick hammering down an iceberg. Teloch’s drummer Sota is from Lordamor, a blackish, doomy band with a depressive outlook. Plus, also seeing that their guitarist Det is in Verge, a misanthropic black metal band, Teloch's suicidal/depressive black metal tinge, especially in Odium's woeful vocals and Det/Routa's straining melodies, just makes sense.

"Morbid Prayer" plays as a blurry theurgy, slow and mysterious with a lingering sense of purpose. It makes you expect the album to evolve into a whirlwind of beautiful noise. “Thy Horrid” shows off a pained and melodic luster contrasting well with the darker turn of pace on “The Eternal Spark." “A Lifeless Voyage” has an almost rock n’ roll attitude sunk deep in cold, black metal. Yet this momentum breaks with “Odious Light.” The fleeting recording makes its repetitive guitar lines even more monotonous and uninspired. Luckily the title track, "Morbid Prayer," is so catchy and dense you can forget about the previous song. It has one of those headbang-inducing guitar lines. The sporadic dives into a spacey, white-noise fettering of fast-paced, Finnish black metal keeps things not only catchy, but interesting and thought-provoking.  

So, from what I’ve derived, to make a “Teloch,“ get a big ‘ol pot made of packed snow, throw in some Brown Jenkins, Totalselfhatred, Blavatsky thumbed bible pages, self-mutilation and an extra helping of star-gazing black metal and there you are, four Fins a playing. Their take is probably a bit more conventional than they’d like to admit, but Teloch still manages to involve an interesting mix of the aforementioned, separating them from carbon-copy masses. In two years, these guys have gone from 0 to 600. I'm curious to see if they can kiss the tail of the “light brighter than all the stars combined” on their next release.