“Enslaved By God”
Death to Music Productions

Making a transformation from 145188 to Vanhelga (“desecration” in Swedish) this clandestine black metal band is ready to embark now on a journey back into devilish cataclysm. Their “desecrating black metal” was born in tape format, yet this four-track EP’s current apparition is as a free mp3 download through Death to Music Productions.

Beginning with “Demiurgic Tyranny,” the production is of a basement-dwelling beast, slowly awakening. The instruments can be singled out, yet it remains chaotic like good black metal always provides. You can hear that human hands are creating this music and not a producer’s knowledge of studio machines and tools. It begins with a miasmic opening, growing thicker until the vocals flood in and you get strangely melodic guitars in the midst of nefarious atmosphere. “Breaking the Chains of Creation” bursts through this slower, serpentine beginning and cracks open
Pandora’s Box. Then, you fall from chaos into the soft silence of devastation with tracks “Tomrum” and “Death Heal Me.”

The Achilles’ heel of “Enslaved by God” is that the last two tracks, especially the somber delicateness of “Death Heal Me,” don’t fit with the first two rites. Now, if they represent the quiet aftermath of apocalypse, then yes, the symbolism steams through. However, the style Vanhelga presents from the start is shattered by the second half. Vanhelga must (without sanding down their savagery) refine the sound to balance these febrile ideas in order to lift their music up to where it should stand in the cosmos. Visit Death to Music Productions at (