"Drakonian Paradigm"
Ajna Offensive

“… those voices not of saints/the sonata in your ears/is the foremost angel’s hymn/’tis the song of Lucifer’s morn…” from “Drakonian Paradigm: The Flame of All”

The dark mother divine, the black dragon, the cannon against conventional thought...From Canada comes Weapon, to infiltrate the silence of ignorance, bringing along their armada of black noise. After releasing one demo “Within the Flesh of a Satanist” and two EPs, “Violated Hejab” and “Para Bhakti… Salvation,” Weapon bleeds out “Drakonian Paradigm,” a cathartic solution to salvation. A CD of end times topped with decorated pages of arcane designs, gilded lettering both of gold and of blood red; from the Ajna Offensive, of course it doesn't fail to illustrate the world beyond through art. With the coldness of Canada and the dark mystery of India combined in a chimerical black mass, Weapon offer up a cooling mist of destruction, blanketing you in beauty while tearing you apart from the inside.

Following a nebulous opening rite, the first offering of phantasmal black metal is “Cacophony! Black Sun Dragon’s Tongue!” Dissection styled black metal is played at a slower pace, mushrooming anticipation with Eastern flavored riffs and death metalized sprinklings fluttering through a strong headwind of catchy riffs. The vocals are of a deep growl that transforms into group shouting and ritualistic whispering. “Serpentine Ayat” contains a wonderfully malefic atmosphere, like walking into murky air and witnessing a meeting of robed individuals, praying to their goddess. The Eastern acoustic guitar near the end is recorded in such a way that it doesn’t seem to be a part of the music but an encroaching outside force. Weapon is a master of painting auras through a combination of empowering music and divinely written lyrics “The stench of all life, the scent of every death/was always apparent within thy bone and breath.” These words enchant the listeners through satanically religious themes with a strong poetic appetite.

Triumphant and glowing, final tribulation “Remnants of a Burnt Mosque” arrives as a flowing scarlet drape, gracing the floor as each thread touches down. This song contains a wide variety of sound and robust, moaning evil lyrics like “… from the remnants of this burnt mosque/a coven erected for the Reaper sublime/recite with me, the sacred verses/as the
 outer sphere erupts and subsides…”

Urging you to say goodbye to your Christian-tainted religion and welcome ever-continuing nothingness,
Weapon doesn’t write music to grace your ears as a smoothly exhaled whisper, but as a grating handful of glass and chalk. The foggier production of the past has passed through a filter of Atticism, yet still made its way through a squalid cellar-sound of antiquity, not completely jumping bridge to the other side of production. Even incantations aside, “Drakonian Paradigm” richly exudes the scent of the occult, invoking the ambience of an intimate ceremony of the black arts. As Vetis Monarch said in an interview, it’s time to “break the chains of hope, shatter the veil of illusion and step beyond… safe realms."